What is Avant-Garde?

a·vant-garde (French pronunciation: [avɑ̃ɡaʁd]); from French, "advance guard" or "vanguard") is a French term used in English as a noun or adjective to refer to any creative group of people (or work) active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques, whose approach and ideas are markedly experimental or in advance of those generally accepted; particularly with respect to art, culture, business and politics etc. Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo.  
Our promise is to design engaging multi-disciplinary experiences for you, from an ever evolving menu of products and services. Contact us and we will help you pick the one that's just right for you.

Avant-Garde Leadership

Our leadership programs offer seasoned and aspiring leaders and (social) entrepreneurs access to the latest wisdom in leadership development. Our programs are highly experiential, creative and innovative; applying social learning labs for prototyping new ideas to inspire and enable a new renaissance in the ethical leadership of people, profits and planet.


We offer a range of co-creation labs in ‘integral sustainability and social innovation‘. ISSI:labs aim to inspire, engage and enable new paradigm leaders and entrepreneurs to be changemakers across various spheres of influence in their community. Our team is ready to assist and provide you with the right tools and resources to enable you to bring your ideas to fruition.


In hindsight it’s easy to have 20/20 vision; our values-based executive coaching & mentoring approach enables you to develop that kind of foresight vision; turn your inner critic into your inner coach; and empower you to find your own innate creative solutions to align, integrate and balance head, heart and the essence of simply being the best version of YOU.

Business Canvas

We use the Business Model Generation approach as one of our strategic management and entrepreneurial tools, along with applying Human Centred Design and Presencing processes. They allows us to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model in uniquely creative and innovative ways; to create engaging experiences for you.

Organisational Development

Applying an eclectic mix of approaches we focus on social innovation and the cultivation of meaning within organisations; helping you engage your people to not only ‘live the brand values’ but also feel part of something worthwhile that is bigger than themselves; leading to sustained long-term social, environmental and financial benefits.

Your Brand Essence

Our focus is to create engagement and meaning through your unique brand; enabling you to define your core brand-values, to help you design and express your brand essence; to attract the kind of quality relationships that are resonant with your business, inspiring your customers to champion your brand, simply because they ‘love it’.

Cultural Transformation

Our approach to cultural transformation is social innovation through human centred design (leveraging the potential of design thinking with practical strategies); transforming existing cultures into social enterprise environments that are constructive, engaging and meaningful, humanistic, affiliative and self-actualising; plus generate environmental and financial benefits.

Personal Development & Meditation

We offer various coaching & mentoring programs for personal development, depending on the degree of self-mastery you aspire to achieve. We also facilitate weekly meditation circles and a series of personal development workshops and mini-retreats, where you can explore, discover and connect with the true essence of your beingness.

Energetic Integrity & Balance

The way we portray ourselves energetically communicates much more than we can convey in words or simple gestures. The presence we hold and the space we create resonates a certain energy signature that is uniquely our own. To know how to raise your energy frequency and create a clear space within which you live and work, contact us for details.

Facilitation, Workshops & Seminars

We offer a range of workshops and seminars throughout the year, so checkout our calendar of events for more details. If however you want a specific program tailor made to suit your group of people, we can design and facilitate a workshop on any topic related to our portfolio. For more details contact our team to discuss how best we can serve your specific need.